It is often easier to remember to perform interior maintenance tasks like changing out the air conditioner filters or wiping out the refrigerator, which can sometimes lead to exterior maintenance items being ignored. It is important to keep up with the exterior areas of the home to preserve both the structural integrity of the house and its appearance as you go since small problems can often add up to more costly repairs. These are some of the areas that should be continually inspected and addressed.

Concrete Foundations, Walkways, or Driveways

The home’s foundation protects the dwelling, as cave-ins or collapse are potential threats without a solid footing for the walls and framing. If water damage occurs, it can erode away at the foundation. Cracks or holes in concrete, whether in the driveway or walkways or around the foundation, could mean that there are water problems. If you notice leaking around the driveway or sidewalk, you may need to call an expert sewer line repair Cypress company to assess for an underground leak. The Cooper Plumbing Cypress location can also evaluate if there are water issues with the main plumbing around the house.

Roofing and Gutters

Without a solid barrier between you and the weather elements, the interior of your house can be severely damaged. Roofing tiles and drainage gutters should be inspected seasonally to ensure the missing tiles aren’t causing an attic leak or clogged gutters are causing an overflow of water onto the roof. If the water doesn’t shed properly off the roof, it can lead to erosion issues around the perimeter of the home. This can create problems with flooding or leaks. Vegetations that is hanging over the roof should be trimmed back to avoid damaging the shingles.

Siding or Paint

The exterior of the home is either protected from a siding or a painted surface, and both of these needs to be cleaned at least once a year. Mold and mildew can grow on siding, causing both damaging and an unsightly appearance. Pressure washing the siding can help remove build-up and dirt. You should also consider touching up painted areas frequently, though it may be hard to consistently match a color in just one area. Be on the lookout for spots that frequently experience peeling or flaking, as it could be a sign of moisture underneath.

Though there are many areas around the home that need attention, these three are some of the most crucial exterior areas. Ignoring these may weaken the longevity of your home and could potentially jeopardize your family’s safety.