People think of gardens as only being available to people with big yards and big amounts of time on their hands, but that’s simply untrue. No matter how small your space, you can bring a little greenery into your life with these simple gardening ideas. 

Indoor Gardening

If you think you can’t garden because you don’t have any space outside, think again. Plenty of potted plants will survive and thrive in window sills and you can always upgrade to planter windows. If sunlight is scarce in your apartment, plant lights can easily make up the difference. If you don’t like the idea of bringing dirt inside, there’s always hydroponics, and you can start as small as you like. 

Balcony Gardening

With a little bit more space, you can get a little more daring. A balcony provides plenty of room to garden, in pots and balcony planters. To truly maximize the space, look into vertical gardening solutions and see how much green you can fit on every square foot. 

Small Yard Gardening

Vertical gardening can also expand the gardening potential of small spaces. Planting outside has many advantages, both for you and for your plants, but be aware that there are also complications. You have less control over soil quality, water, temperature and pests. That said, there’s no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds. Plants in pots can be outside when the weather is right and inside when the weather turns bad. 

Community Gardening

If you lack both space and time but you still have an itch to try gardening, check if your neighborhood has a community garden plot or farm. These are becoming less uncommon, especially in cities where space is at a premium. You may find that a shared garden provides as many friends as it does fruits and vegetables. 

Being out in nature is proven to reduce your stress, even if it’s just some house plants or a tiny balcony. If you can garden outside, a little sun exposure is good for you, and can help your body process Vitamin D. There are countless reasons to take up gardening, and it’s so easy to start as small as you like. Indoor or outdoor, solitary or communal, gardening is a great pastime to pick up. It’s relaxing, educational and rewarding. No matter how small your space or how black you think your thumb might be, with a little practice, anyone can pick up gardening and get their own little green space.