Owning a home can be a great joy, but it does require some maintenance to make sure it can be enjoyed for years to come. One of the best things you can do is to protect your home from water damage. A good drainage system is essential to saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in home repairs.

Working with a reputable company for gutter contractors Milwaukie is an important part of making sure the gutter system is doing its part in home maintenance. Faulty gutters can cause damage to a home from top to bottom. Here are some common gutter issues that can result in expensive repairs if not fixed promptly.

Leaking Water

Dripping water coming from holes in the gutter or gaps in the joints can seep into the roof or sides of the home. If left unattended, this water can cause pressure on the roof tiles, possibly freezing in the cold of winter. The water could also make its way into the attic or sidewalls of the home and cause wood rot or other damage.

Sagging Sections

Falling leaves, tree limbs, and even squirrels can cause damage to a home’s gutters and make them ineffective. Beautiful fall foliage is lovely to look at; however, leaves left to sit in a gutter can become heavy with rain. Add in tree limbs and perhaps some squirrels or bird’s nests, and you have a recipe for damage to the gutters and the structure itself. Sagging sections of gutters could come apart at the joints or have their pitch changed so that water flows in the wrong direction.

Changing Pitch

Angling the gutter spouts in the proper direction away from the home helps protect it from too much water, which, over time, can cause pressure and cracks in the foundation. Too much water around the home can also cause soil erosion, potentially damaging landscaping and accelerating the erosion process. If the gutters are not allowing water to drain away from the home’s foundation, the water can carry away soil, leaving nothing for the roots of plants to hold.

Having your home’s gutters regularly cleaned and inspected can prolong the life of the gutter system. A good gutter company can find and repair minor damages before they become major. An average home’s gutter system lasts about 20 years with regular maintenance. Sometimes sections can be replaced here and there, or sometimes a completely new system will need to be installed.

A licensed gutter company can give estimates and work with homeowners to figure out not only what is best for their budgets but also for the drainage system of the home. Call and make an appointment today, and plan to enjoy your home for years to come.