Gutters are an area of our homes that often go unnoticed. They serve their purpose in helping our properties avoid leaks and water damage, but we often don’t pay them any mind until there are issues. Whether you run into an issue that requires your attention or you are taking a proactive stance to replace them, you may find yourself looking for new gutters. Here are a few signs that may suggest that it may be time for new gutters.

Physical Distance

For gutters to fulfill their purpose, where they are positioned on the house matters. They should be directly next to the exterior of the home to help give water the escape hatch that it needs. If you find that there is a prominent physical distance between your gutters and your home or that they are falling away from the property, it may be time to consider a gutter replacement St Louis. You will want to avoid a potentially disastrous outcome of broken gutters or leaks due to damage that can be incredibly costly and lead to further financial strain.

Noticeable Damage

Whether your gutters have been damaged due to some type of force or incident or if there is cracking from weathering, noticeable damage can be another warning sign. If you find that your gutters begin to crack or have minor damage, this can quickly escalate, particularly during inclement weather, extreme cold or consistent rain. Instead of letting this spiral out of control, address this proactively and fix the issue before it gets worse.

Inappropriate Drainage

If you find that you have a significant amount of water pooling around your house or puddles of water that suddenly begin out of nowhere, you may have an issue with your gutters. Take this as a warning sign that you should investigate to see if there is a problem that requires your attention.

Outdated or Ugly Gutters

While damaged or poorly functioning gutters can get be a good reason to replace them, you also don’t need to have reactionary reasoning. If you find that you hate the way they look, they look old or that the exterior of your property needs a refresh, this can be a great reason to replace your gutters. Check out the new designs, colors and cuts that can be the perfect accent to your home.

Drainage is an exceptionally important aspect of any home and while you may pay very little attention to your gutters, don’t forget about them. Take time here and there to check them so that you can avoid catastrophic problems down the road, but also, you may want to keep them looking nice to help accent your home.