It’s time to get away, forgetting about the daily chores and household duties. Work gets to be set aside for a week. Instead, the focus for the next seven days is you, relaxation and family. The beauty of a beach vacation is that people have the chance to unwind in a calming atmosphere, outside of the bustle of the busy city. Start by looking into Beach House Rentals Newport Beach CA to find a place that looks right for you. Then, start getting ready for an enjoyable break.

1. Sun Gear

To make the most out of the beach stay, come prepared with plenty of things to guard against the sun. Each person should have a hat and cover-up, securing them from too much sunshine. In addition, invest in a beach umbrella or pop up tent with a portable fan. The fresh, cool air and shade allows for you to spend additional time in the sand and potentially avoid a nasty burn. Have several bottles of sunscreen purchased, including something particularly useful for the face.

2. Personal Items

You’re traveling away from home, so be sure to bring with you the proper identification. Adults should have their driver’s licenses. Have access to driver and medical insurance cards as well. 

3. Appropriate Attire

You may not want to drag out everything from your closet, but have a variety of clothing to suit the occasions. Several bathing suits are a must; however, you may also venture into town for some afternoon excursions or a nice meal. For that reason, pack one or two nice evening outfits. Comfy shorts and shirts are perfect for lounging around in the morning hours or for a quick walk on the beach. Have tennis shoes, sandals and flip flops ready.

4. Evening Entertainment

During downtime, have some things set aside to keep people engaged. Kids may need a few toys or games. Crayons and paper are simple to bring and can go with you to different locations. Also, consider a deck of cards. If it rains, a favorite board game or movie is helpful in filling in the time.

5. Emergency Bag

Life happens. Be prepared for a few little hiccups, especially if children are around. Have a bag filled with supplies to handle the booboos and cries. Pack bandages and antibacterial cream. Aloe is useful in alleviating sunburn pain. Ibuprofen may just mitigate a sudden headache or a random evening fever. In addition, have some cleaning wipes, paper towels and some plastic bags.

Stick those toes in the sand and salt water. Enjoy the cool breeze. The beach is your place for respite and happiness.