If you’ve ever experienced a disaster, even a small one, you know that horrible feeling when stress won’t let you think clearly. Before something like that happens again, you need to prepare. One way to make your life easier is to foresee these situations and know who you’ll need to call. Here are four important phone numbers you should add to your contacts right now.

Your Local Police Department

You already know that a fire, or life and death emergency requires you to call 911. However, there are many instances when you should phone your local police department instead. If your property was vandalized or if things were stolen from your car or home, that’s when you need to call the police department. These moments can be jarring, so having a number saved in your phone can certainly make things easier.

A Locksmith

You know that sinking feeling when you’ve locked your keys inside your car, or worse yet–lost them altogether. If your keys are gone, or someone has jammed your lock, don’t panic or break a window. When you have an auto locksmith Orlando number programmed to your phone, help is a quick call away.

Poison Control

Along with your emergency numbers, be sure to add the one for poison control where you can find it fast. If you have small children and find yourself in an emergency situation, you won’t want to fumble around looking for who to call. Having this number saves precious time.

A Garage or Auto Club

Another contact you’ll want instantly is your auto club or garage. If you should have a breakdown, especially at night, you want help as fast as you can get it. The sooner assistance arrives, the quicker you can get to safety.

Make a List Now

Set aside just a little time to sit down and make a list of important contacts. Having these phone numbers at your fingertips can save you some major headaches in the future.