There are several types of concealment jacket materials available. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of each. Nylon, Leather, Hybrid, and Kydex are the most common materials for a concealment jacket. The bottom line is to choose a concealment jacket that is durable and comfortable. Listed below are some of the advantages of each material.


There are many benefits to owning a concealed carry jacket made of Kydex, but how do you know which is the best option? First, consider your comfort level. Are you prone to hand aches? Are you always on the move? If so, you should consider getting a holster made of Kydex. These vests are very comfortable and provide excellent retention.

The belt loops of holsters are another consideration. Some are just clips, while others have elaborate loops. While leather is more comfortable than Kydex, it tends to wear quickly. It is why law enforcement officers usually wear blued service weapons. However, Kydex tends to be more durable than leather, and it retains its shape better under stress. A leather-lined holster offers a rigid but soft material that makes it easier to reholster your weapon with one hand.


While leather and Kydex are excellent materials for a concealment jacket, nylon is more water resistant. While nylon is very comfortable to wear, it can also come unwoven after long use. However, it does have its advantages. Nylon is soft, nice for firearms to slide through, and it is silent. Nylon is an excellent choice to remain silent while wearing your concealment jacket.


Hybrid holsters will be made of either Kydex/leather or Kydex/nylon. They are more comfortable than a standard Kydex holster but lack some of the durability and retention of a Kydex holster (depending on the brand you choose). It’s still important to be cautious of leather breakdown. When using nylon, make sure it’s not too soft so it doesn’t fold over when reholstering your firearm.


For some reason, a leather concealment jacket is the most comfortable concealed carry jacket material. First, leather is a very breathable material and does not hold up against hot or cold temperatures. Another benefit of a leather jacket is that it is not prone to wrinkles or stretch marks. However, the downside is that it is not the most versatile material for concealment. The hood is also not removable, which limits its customization options.

A well-concealed carry jacket will have multiple pockets to conceal your firearm. These are important for concealed carry since you’ll want to be able to access it quickly. Many types of concealed carry jackets have inconspicuous exterior pockets and will not draw attention to your gun. In addition, a good jacket will have a removable hood and two warm pockets inside. Some concealment jackets even feature a detachable hood to keep your hands warm and dry.