Unfortunately, the water heater is one of the most neglected appliances in the home. It’s often tucked away in some corner of the garage, never to be thought about again unless it breaks and only cold water comes out of the faucet. However, if you’re a more vigilant homeowner and notice that your current hot water heater is on its last legs, you might be considering an upgrade. Look no further than a tankless water heater, which heats water only on demand. The great thing about austin tankless water heaters is that they’re durable and they can help you save a significant amount of energy and money.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

When you turn your faucet to the hot setting, water leaves your water line and enters the heater. Then, it flows through the heating unit and on through the faucet to deliver hot water. During this whole process, water isn’t being stored. However, when using a traditional water heater, hot water is stored in the tank each day. This means that if you don’t use all of the water in your water heater tank, you’re wasting a significant amount of energy. The main takeaway here is that a tankless water heater doesn’t turn on until it senses that a hot water tap is being opened. This means less waste and more energy savings.

Tankless Water Heater Advantages

Now that you know how a tankless water heater works when compared to a traditional water heater, you can better understand the advantages it can offer you and your home. Tankless water heaters have the following benefits:

  • Save energy: Tankless water heaters use 30 to 50 percent less energy than units with tanks. This can save a typical family about $100 or more per year. However, the total amount you can save will depend on typical water usage in your home.
  • More compact: If your home is small in size, then you can benefit from purchasing a tankless hot water heater. Because tankless hot water heaters don’t have a tank – hence the name – they can save tons of space. You can even mount your tankless water heater on a wall.
  • Extended lifespan: Tankless water heaters last up to five to 10 years longer than tank water heaters.

If you’re looking for a hot water heater upgrade, you should consider a tankless water heater for more energy efficiency and savings.