The entryway to your building is one of the first impressions people will have of your business or organization. An attractive, efficient entryway can make your building easier to use and leave a better first impression. If you are thinking about installing automatic doors, consider these four benefits.

1. Improve Accessibility

Because automatic doors, such as revolving doors, can be opened without using your hands, they make it much easier to get in the building for people who are carrying items or pushing a cart, or stroller. Automatic doors can also make high-traffic entrances much more efficient because there are no bottle-necks while people open and close doors. However, it is important to make sure your entrance meets all of the applicable codes, such as revolving door code compliance

2. Save Energy

If you have manually operated doors, chances are people sometimes prop them open when they are bringing something into your building and then do not close them when they leave, or they may intend to close the door, but do not latch it all the way. Doors that are open when they do not need to be waste energy on heating and cooling. Automatic doors open when activated and then automatically close when not in use, avoiding the need to prop the doors open and the risk of the doors being left open.

3. Easier To Operate

Manual doors can be difficult to open for children, elderly adults or people with disabilities. They can also be problematic in windy, rainy or snowy conditions. Automatic doors can be operated by anyone in almost any condition. Additionally, if you are operating a business, such as a hotel, where people will frequently have their hands full when they come in the building, an automatic door makes it easier for customers to utilize your services. 

4. Reduce the Spread of Contagious Diseases

When a person coughs or sneezes onto their hand or touches a contaminated surface and then touches a doorknob or handle, they can easily spread viruses to other people who touch that same surface. Because automatic doors can be operated without any touching, they are less likely to be vectors for infectious diseases. Additionally, an automatic door that includes an air-tight function can reduce the amount of dust, dirt and other particles that enter a building from the outside, which makes them ideal choices for environmentally controlled areas, such as medical facilities. 

Automatic doors can make the entryways to your building more user-friendly, more accessible and safer. Consider upgrading to an automatic door system to enjoy these four benefits.