As a livestock owner, you’re in the business of caring for animals. The success of your farm depends on your hard work and dedication. Any business that involves livestock comes with the risk of death – either from disease or injury. If one of your animals dies or is injured, how are you going to cover the costs? 

What is Livestock Insurance? 

Livestock and animal mortality insurance is a type of farm insurance that protects against the risks associated with owning livestock. It can help to protect your business from financial loss due to death or illness. If you’re thinking about getting this coverage, it’s important to understand what different types of policies are available and how they work. 

This type of insurance protects cattle and other animals like horses, chickens, and pigs. This kind of insurance can also cover businesses which focus on livestock, ensuring that any financial losses are covered in the event of death or injury of the animals. 

What Kinds of Animals Are Covered?

There are several types of insurance that cover pets, but livestock mortality insurance insures animals that may be raised which are not considered small or exotic pets. For example, animals that are often covered include cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, dogs, and goats. Horse insurance, in particular, can cover horses that are bred, sold, ridden for profit, or simply a beloved family pet. 

Livestock insurance can particularly benefit those who own large animals, which may be more expensive to treat medically. It can also cover those who raise animals for business purposes like breeding or food production. 

What Types of Risks Can Be Insured?

Most business risks can be covered by a businessowners policy, but livestock insurance can add better coverage for live animals, if you run a business. Coverage can include the cost for medical treatments for the animals and reimburse you if an animal dies. 

Animals may not be the only thing covered by this policy. The stable or barn that houses the animals could be covered. Your business could also gain liability protection for those who give riding lessons or run commercial stables in case of injury or claim by someone using your services. 

Live animals can pose special risks to owners and businesses because they are often more valuable when they are alive. With livestock insurance, your business investment can be protected in the event of loss or injury.