There are a variety of ways to keep your house warm in the winter months, but which one is right for you? Whether you are building a new home or updating the current system, factors such as cost, efficiency and appearance should all be taken into account. Here is a brief overview of the top three types of heating systems used in homes today. Use this information to get started towards choosing a system that will keep you warm and your wallet happy for years to come.

Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems are used in approximately 60% of homes. The components include a furnace, duct system, blower and a fuel tank. A range of fuels can be used in central heating systems, including natural gas, propane and oil. Some fuels are more efficient than others, and the cost of each fluctuates greatly. Keep in mind that a tank will need to be installed somewhere on your property. Oil tank installation Westchester County NY should be kept above ground for safety reasons. A buried tank is an accident waiting to happen.

The cost of central heating is average when compared to other systems. The efficiency of a furnace is measured by an annual fuel efficiency ratio or AFUE. Furnaces with a higher AFUE will cost you more initially, but they will save you money in fuel costs over time.


boiler system will cost a little bit more than central heating. However, they run much more efficiently. Boilers also need a fuel source such as oil or propane. In this case, the fuel is used to heat water which is then circulated throughout your home to produce heat. Therefore, less fuel is used than by central heating systems. Boilers don’t use traditional ducts. This makes it easier to implement zone heating. Zone heating utilizes multiple thermostats to heat different areas of your home. For example, during the night when family members are sleeping, bedrooms can be kept warm. While unused areas, like the kitchen, can be kept at a cooler temperature.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are the most expensive systems on this list. But, this is because of all their advantages. They can be used to cool your home, replacing the need for traditional air conditioners. Heat pumps can easily handle zones using ductless mini-split units. They are easily the most efficient type of heating system, especially if you are using the geothermal type. Other types of heat pumps include air-source and ground-source. They all work by pulling heat from the air, similar to how refrigerators work. No fuel tanks needed, only electricity.