Your company prototypes so that it can find any potential problems with your items. If you do come across any problems, you are going to need to have them fixed. Companies that use injection molds will have to order a whole new mold, especially if your product turned out too large. 

However, another option is to upgrade your current molds by removing materials. This is also an option for any tool repairs you need to be made to old molds. While you cannot make large changes to your existing molds, like adding material or in-mold sensors, you can make certain changes. For instance, you can take away materials to make correct issues. Just remember that all problems cannot be fixed through mold modifications. There are only a few specific changes that you will be able to make. 

Small Depth Changes

Your existing molds can have metal removed so that their depths are different. You can have as small as a hundredth of an inch removed from the depth of your mold if it is not quite what you are looking for. 

Parting Line Changes

If you need to make parting line changes, keep in mind that gating and venting features can make this difficult. Gates are the channels where melted plastics enter the molds. Vents are channels that release air from the mold while the melted plastics are injected into the mold. They are found around the mold’s edge and cannot be changed once they are in place. You may also have the parting line shutoff as an obstacle in non-planar molds. However, if the change does not affect these features, it can generally be made. 

Replace Side-Actions

Because of the way molds are manufactured, you will generally not be able to modify your side-actions. However, you can often have only the side-action replaced, which will save you from having to buy an entirely new mold. 

Resin Selection

Molds are often made with the idea that the plastic resins injected into them will shrink during the cooling process. However, each mixture you use will shrink a different amount. Therefore, if you are planning to use multiple mixtures, think about each one’s shrink rate. It is impossible to find a mold that accommodates multiple shrink rates. Instead, you should design your mold for your highest anticipated shrink rate and trim any parts that are too large. If you decide on a specific mixture, you can have a mold made for that rate. 

If you have an existing mold, you may be able to modify it. You can make intricate changes, like buying a new side-action or simple ones like depth changes.