Nothing bugs guests at a backyard barbecue more than being overrun by insects. From ants marching on a table to bees buzzing overhead to flies munching on the menu, bugs may be small in size but they create a big nuisance. Many people find insects to be the ultimate buzzkill, with one study revealing that a quarter of all participants admitted having a fear of bugs. The good news is there are several easy ways to keep these unwanted invaders from crashing your cookout. Here’s how to ward off two common pests.


Ants are persistent in their pursuit of your food, but some simple tricks can keep them away. Placing dryer sheets under and around table and chair legs does an effective job, as the sheets contain a chemical that repels ants and other insects. Another tip is to place pie tins under furniture legs and fill with at least an inch of water. It might as well be an ocean to those little land-dwellers. If your yard has a significant infestation, identify pest control services for carpenter ants dallas or or in your city.


It’s one thing to be afraid of an insect, it’s another to be allergic. Bee stings present a deadly serious situation for some people. In fact, stings resulted in the death of more than 1,100 Americans between 2000 and 2017. Unfortunately, buzzing past barbecues is what bees do best.

Being rid of bees begins with not inviting them to the party. Bees are attracted to flowers, so avoid wearing floral patterns and sweet-smelling shampoos and sprays, and if you have centerpieces on the table, make sure they are flower-free. Hanging mothballs around the dining area can provide a pungent layer of protection, or try luring them away from the picnic area with a bowl of sugary soda, syrup or fruit juice.

The best recipe for a cookout is one that keeps insects off the menu. Try these tips for a bug-free barbecue.