When the warm summer months start knocking on the door, everyone wants to head outside and enjoy the weather. That’s why having a backyard area that’s as cozy and chic as your indoor spaces is a great idea! You can host people on the deck or guests can feel comfortable sitting on a stylish patio enjoying a cool drink. There are plenty of ways to spice up your outdoor space, from design ideas to color schemes. There’s no limit to what your imagination can create in your own backyard.


If you spend most of your time sitting out on a patio, then consider spicing up the space with a steel sphere fire pit. This can turn a chilly night into a warm gathering complete with melty marshmallows and roasted weenies. The sunset can’t send you inside if you light up a fire! There are plenty of options for fire pits, so you can find one that matches your space, personality, and needs. Be sure to consider the size of the pit before purchasing to ensure guests can sit a comfortable distance from it while still keeping warm.

Window Ledge

Another option requires just a little installation and is great for when some people need to be indoors while others are out. Consider installing a window ledge on the outside of your home so you can open the window and still be part of the conversation outside. This also works great for kids spending the day in the pool; you can fix all the food in the house and simply set it on the ledge for them to have a nutritious lunch.

Garden Scapes

Maybe you’re really into gardening and looking for a new way to display your potted plants. You can take an old ladder, paint it any color you like, and slide some plywood boards through the slats to create an interesting, colorful plant stand. Be sure to put your new structure in a sunny spot so your herbs and flowers can get all the light they need. This is a great way to take care of plants because you can move the ladder around your yard during the year so they’re always in the brightest patch of sun. 

These are just a few options to personalize your backyard and make it fun spot to relax. Try them out to see if they make your outdoor area more fun!