Transitional seasons in business can be tricky to navigate, especially if you can’t afford to take weeks or months off to downsize, remodel, scale up or make an office move happen. Here are a few tips to minimize your stress and make the most of a potentially challenging season of change.

Map Out a Timeline

It may be tempting to pack a lot of work into a tight timeline, but it’s better to give yourself lots of wiggle room with your timeline if possible. In general, expect the unexpected. Inevitably, you will run across delays that will add to your timeline. To maximize your amount of time, start planning as early as you can. Be realistic about the number of hours it will take you to complete each project or task, and work from there. If you realize that it will take your business longer than you would like, consider outsourcing some services as needed to help save time on certain portions of the process.

Make Change Gradually

If you’re moving or downsizing your business, it can be helpful to change things gradually, especially if you’re still working out what you might need to store or sell as you make the change happen. Consider acquiring storage space, such as a warehouse space rental or semi-trailer storage rentals Renton WA. This will allow you to move some things out of your space, while still buying you the time you need to make decisions on certain items, clear space for a remodel or acquire buyers for any equipment you might be selling.

Keep Things Simple

While it may be tough to make decisions on how to operate your business in a transitional period, in general, it’s best to keep things as simple as you can and pare things down to a more minimalist operating level. For example, consider decreasing your office hours to carve out some time for planning your next steps, minimizing your number of staff while things are in flux or simply investing in one small project each day that will move your business toward your goals. Whatever you choose, give yourself some grace during this season of change.

It can be difficult to work through a season of change with your business, so it can be helpful to remind yourself that this season is only temporary. Take the projects and tasks one day at a time and keep a realistic but upbeat mindset, and you’ll be sure to make steady progress toward your goal.