Companies are starting to welcome the remote work model. From cost-saving benefits on real estate to a more productive workforce, employers are embracing this new workstyle. Whether your company has chosen to do a hybrid model or go completely remote, follow this guide to make the most out of your new work-life.

Picking Your Office

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is the option to work from anywhere. Being a remote worker does not mean that you are limited to a home office. Companies are starting to capitalize on this new economy, creating packages specifically for remote workers. As you transition to working from home, you may want to consider where your office actually needs to be. Take the time to look into hotels or extended stay condos in different cities or even countries. This will allow you to work by day and explore by night, helping you maintain a work-life balance.

Designing Your Schedule

Once you know where your office will be, consider what your schedule will look like. While certain factors, such as meetings and deadlines, you cannot control, you can create a work plan that works for you. Start by looking at what you need to do at home, potential distractions and your breaks. As you create your schedule, be sure to consider when you work best. For some people, mornings are their most productive, so the best option is ensuring clear mornings for work. Don’t forget to create a ritual to mark the end of your day to help your mind transition from work to home.

Selecting Your Tools

Many employees find one of the biggest challenges to a work-from-home setup is access to the necessary tools to work. As you prepare your work environment, you want to start looking at what you need to succeed. Keep in mind both software and hardware. Your home office needs to be able to access any team software and resources provided by your company. The biggest concern for companies is security. With a remote workforce, it is vital that employees also emphasize security at home. As you set up your office, be sure to utilize resources like VPNs to ensure your corporate data is safe. 

With a remote office, a schedule that works for you and the right tools to support you, you will find working from home to be a great opportunity to improve your work-life balance. Just remember to make the most of it.