In this article, Ryan Gresham explains how to mount your red dot optics. In this article, Ryan Gresham describes how to scale your red dot optics. Experiment with different positions until you find the one that suits your eye comfortably. Try some other mounts:

UM Tact

UM, Tact rdo mounts sights are an excellent option for anyone considering purchasing a red dot optic for their firearm. The UM-3 sight mount attaches to a pistol’s accessory rail and allows you to mount any type of red dot optic, reflex sight, or scope to your handgun. The mounting system has many advantages and can be installed in just a few minutes.

The UM Tact mount locks around the dust cover Picatinny rail on your handgun’s slide and provide a secure grip on your weapon. The UM Tact mounts red dot optics are designed for quick and easy installation and are fully compatible with most semi-auto handguns. In addition, the mount is adjustable and quickly moves from gun to pistol, making it easy to use on both sides of a range of weapons.

The universal sight mount fits most handguns with a 1913 or 1911 Picatinny rail. It is CNC machined from aluminum and comes with a matte black finish. This mount can be installed in less than 30 seconds and fit most handguns with a MIL-STD 1913 rail system. It also works with the UMH3 holster to secure your optic in the proper position.

UM, Tact also produces a holster designed explicitly for UM3-equipped guns. The UMH3 trigger guard holster is compatible with any weapon that mounts the UM3 sight mount. With the UMH3 trigger guard, you can conceal your firearm while still using the sights. The trigger guard also includes a paracord loop to tie to your belt. The UM3 holsters are also made with an excellent concealment system and make your firearm easy to carry in multiple situations.

UM Tactical

UM, Tactical’s red dot optics are mountable to handguns, and their Picatinny rail is split down the middle. The sight is firmly clamped to the rail with two halves that snap together. Tightening both halves together will provide a powerful lock-on sight.

The UM3 universal sight mount fits 1911 and 1913-style pistols. It requires no gunsmithing or tools. Once mounted, the sight can be removed with a snap of the trigger. This mount holds zero and makes it easy to use any red dot optic that fits. It can also be used with the UMH3 holster.

The UM3 mount is made of Type-3 rugged anodized aluminum for maximum durability. It is scratch-resistant and durable and won’t wiggle around when you’re shooting. It is easy to install and has a spring-loaded detent to stay in place. The mount is extremely tight on the pistol rail, so it will likely hold up under repeated use. If you’re serious about your red dot optics, the UM3 is an excellent choice.

There are several types of red dot optics for handguns that are “Optics Ready” and feature mounting plates for various brands of red dots. Additionally, red dot optics can be mounted on an RWS 11mm scope rail. A few other handguns are compatible with red dots, including the FNH FNX-45 Tactical and Smith and Wesson M&P CORE.

UM, Tactical red dot optic systems are universal and designed to fit most pistols. Some pistols are not 1913-compatible, so the mounting base is designed to provide any model with a Picatinny rail. However, the Weaver Optics Pistol Mount Base is designed explicitly for Ruger MARK series pistols.