People change over time. You are not the same person you were five years ago, and ten years from now you’ll be someone else. If your decor doesn’t evolve with you, you might find yourself feeling like a stranger in your own home.

This is especially important in the living room. It’s the room you spend the most time in, the room you welcome guests into, the room you hang out in with the people you love. There are three key ways to make sure that the heart of your home is in sync with the person you’ve become.

1. Hard Furnishings

Hard furnishings such as bookcases, armoires and tables, can be kept clean and classic in design. This way, as your tastes change, you can alter the look and feel of a room simply by editing a few key pieces.

Still in love with shabby chic after all these years? A chipped and distressed coffee table and an overstuffed couch slipcovered in white may be all you need. Find yourself craving the simple elegance of French country design? The addition of a few pieces of French living room furniture, such as a tufted sofa with turned legs, can get you there. Feeling the pull towards the sleek lines of modern style? A pair of lacquered end tables next to a simple chair upholstered in vivid color will fit the bill. The possibilities are endless! 

2. Paint

Paint is the simplest and least expensive way to create major change in any room. If the time investment in changing your paint color is a concern, it’s best to choose neutral tones that will support a variety of styles. With today’s paint colors, beige, gray and white are far from boring. All of these neutral colors come in a variety of hues, tints and shades that can take them from warm to cool, cozy to sophisticated or anywhere in between. If putting in the work to paint on a more frequent basis isn’t a problem for you, then your options are unlimited.  

3. Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are often underestimated in their power to completely change the look of a room. Pillows or a well-placed throw can drastically alter the style of a sofa. Curtains can add elegance to a room or soften its austerity. Rugs can add warmth, texture and character to an otherwise neutral space. Don’t neglect these details when you’re updating your space.

Your home, and especially your living room, should always reflect who you are right now. Redecorating can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture, a little paint and the perfect accessories are all you need to transform the most important room in your home.