Several of the rooms in your home may need carpet, from the living room to the bedrooms, and even in the hallways. And when talking about the use that we are going to give it, it is also essential to know the familiar characteristics. For example, if you have children or pets at home, you should choose a resistant rug with faded colors and that will withstand numerous cleanings. It is advisable to reserve light-colored rugs for low-traffic areas as pointed out by carpet cleaning experts like WOW Total Cleaning.

Choosing the Right Color

Another tip that can help you in the choice you make has to do with the colors. If you want the room to appear more spacious and bright, it is recommended to use light tones, such as sand, beige, ivory, stone, and taupe. While dark ones are the most chosen, they can darken and dwarf the room.

Maintaining Your Carpet

There are some tricks that can help you keep your rugs looking new.

  • On the first days of the week, it is recommended to clean them with a soft hair broom. You should avoid using the vacuum cleaner during the first month.
  • It is recommended to sweep the carpet in the direction of the pile of dust. And if you see any loss of lint, nothing happens. It is normal for this to happen after the sweep.
  • It is not convenient to hit the carpet to shake out the dust. With this gesture, what you do is damage the fabric and, with it, reduces its useful life of your carpet. If you do this, let it be on the part of the base, the one that rests on the ground.

Cleaning Time: How To Do It Correctly?

The most suitable cleaning for a carpet will depend on the type of fabric and its size. The most important thing is to look at the manufacturer’s specifications. If it clearly says that the cleaning should be dry, then you have no choice but to dry clean it. On the contrary, if there is an alternative to dry cleaning, you may still have to resort to dry cleaning if it is of large dimensions, more than anything for convenience. If the carpet is small, it can be washed at home or call in a dry cleaning expert. The drying must be to the outside or with a machine so that the fibers recover naturally and with consistency.


Carpets are normally made of very resistant materials, and although we clean them with the vacuum cleaner every week, with the passage of time, they accumulate dust and other mites that should be eliminated. That is why it is recommended to wash them before storing them, that is, at the end of each season, so you will make sure to eliminate the mites before they reproduce. You can call an Austin carpet cleaning company to get the job professionally done for you.