Bedbugs can be particularly difficult type of pest to eradicate from your home. Contrary to common belief, bedbugs don’t just live in your bed. The bed is their favorite place to be because that’s where they find their prey: you. However, bedbugs like to hang out in all kinds of crevices and nooks in your home where they can hide in the dark and not be bothered until their mealtime. When you lay down in bed, the carbon dioxide that you emit as you breathe attracts the bedbugs to come bite you. In the morning, you make wake up covered in itchy or painful and bleeding spots. All pest infestations are unpleasant, but a pest that’s out to get you rather than just your food scraps is the very worst kind. Here are the best ways to effectively eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Get Professional Help as Soon as Possible

Bedbug infestations can worsen rapidly, and the most efficient way to tackle the problem head-on is to get professional help from an exterminator. For help with bed bugs Fort Myers, choose an exterminator who is knowledgeable about how this type of infestation differs from other types of pests such as ants or cockroaches. Typically, more than one treatment will be necessary to completely remove a severe infestation.

Make Your Bed Inaccessible

While you’re getting help with extermination, there are a couple things that you can do to keep bedbugs off of your bed and off of you. Start by making your bed impossible for bugs to get onto. Pull your bed away from the wall so they can’t climb up from there and avoid letting bed coverings and shams fall to the floor. You can also make it difficult for bugs to climb up the legs of your bed by putting plastic coverings around them or coating them in a substance climb on such as petroleum.

Avoid Over the Counter Pesticides

Spraying your home with a product that you get at the supermarket is highly unlikely to fix your problem permanently. The products available to consumers don’t have a high enough concentration of chemicals to effectively kill off an infestation. In fact, spraying an excessive amount of over the counter pesticides in your home could have the opposite result. You may inadvertently increase the pests’ resistance to chemical poisons, effectually creating a super-powered infestation that’s particularly hard to treat with spraying or fogging.