Fresh air and sunshine have numerous benefits to the mind and body. The sun’s rays increase vitamin D levels which play an active role in the immune system as well as the body’s physical and emotional responses. These elements are believed to enhance happiness and calm while decreasing anxiety and depression. On the downside, though, too much ultraviolet light could harm the skin. For a healthy balance, use sunscreen. Here are three reasons to always keep that bottle handy.

1. Avoid Pain and Peeling

Friends and family may surprise you with a vacation. Time in North Carolina beachfront rentals offer numerous perks since you can experience unlimited time in the sand, water and sun. While you may desire a tan, lack of protection permits a sunburn to occur. By applying coats regularly during outdoor stays, you may enjoy your time without aggravation. 

Be sure to use it before you go outside; reapply after water activities and every couple of hours.

2. Reduce the Likelihood of Cancer

UV radiation, particularly from burns, can cause permanent changes to skin DNA. People who suffer from heavy exposure are more prone to skin cancer because the cells may begin to multiply uncontrollably. Sunblock should be used every day, not just when headed out to the pool or beach. Place it on the face, ears, arms and legs at the start of the day, especially when going outdoors.

3. Prevent Early Signs of Aging

The sun’s radiation could permanently damage the skin. The heat intensity dries out the skin, and the UV-A light ruins elasticity and collagen. These components are vital to the firmness of your youthful appearance. Without them, wrinkles and dark spots may occur. People are likely to develop liver spots and freckles. Moisturizer assists in hydration, but it cannot block the detrimental light.

Purchase a sunscreen with UV-A protection, and pay attention to the SPF rating. Studies indicate that an SPF of 15 potentially keeps out 93% of rays while an SPF 30 handles up to 97%. In addition, daily apply something to the face. Many cosmetics now combine sunscreen into a foundation, permitting users to obtain two functions from one formula.

Sunscreen isn’t just a burn preventative. The lotion or spray assists in avoiding serious medical complications. Use it regularly to garner the most benefits, and, whenever you have a concern, speak with a professional to determine the brand and SPF that could work best for you.