Many corporations choose to hire a janitorial company to clean their facility instead of hiring staff and purchasing the materials that are needed. You want to start a business to do this and are researching where to begin. Here are a few tips to begin your own service.

Know Your Costs

Before you reach out for clients, you need to know if you can afford to begin a company. Visit a distributor that sells industrial maintenance supplies dallas-fort worth and take note of the items that you have to buy to perform your jobs. Consider if more labor is essential to complete an assignment or if a location outside your home is warranted. Compile these numbers to see how much you will need to charge your customers. Develop a business plan to follow to keep your expenses in line as you proceed.

Insure Your Company

Schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to discuss what coverage you will need for your business. You will want to secure the assets of your company this way. You also should have liability if someone is injured on the job as well as if damage is done to a customer’s property. Research what licenses or certifications you must have to begin working as well as those that will put you in consideration above the competition.

Find Clients

If you feel you will be competitive in the market, note several corporations in the area around you and make appointments with the person in charge of the facility maintenance. Present your bid to them and explain a little about your services. When they agree to give you a try, draw up a contract with terms and conditions that detail the wage determined per hour, which days you will be there to clean, and what areas of the building you are responsible for.