This spring and summer are destined to be much different than in past years. If you’ll be spending a lot more time at home because of cancelled travel plans, you’re bound to have time to spare. On the bright side, this means you’ll be able to dedicate more energy to those projects you’ve been putting off. To get you started, here are four activities to make the most of a stay-at-home summer.

Get Into Gardening

Having a solid block of time to leisurely spend on gardening can transform the look of your home and relieve stress, too. Planting and designing flower beds beautifies your yard and gives you something to care for every day. You can even avoid shopping for heavy materials by scheduling mulch delivery Cincinnati and having what you need brought right to your door. Mulch helps keep moisture in the ground, slows weed growth and spruces up your home.

Work on Minimizing

With organizing, people always have the best intentions and then just put it off again. This season, you’ve got plenty of time so take a firm stand to get rid of excess junk. Empty your garage, basement and closets and decide what you can donate, sell or throw away. Cleaning out and minimizing your belongings is good for your house as well as your emotional health.

Put Your Painting Clothes On

It’s time to tackle those long-overdue painting projects. With money being tight, you can save a lot by doing the work yourself. Get some old clothes on and start scraping and priming your house, garage or fence. You’ll be proud of how clean and new everything looks when you’re finished. If you can’t do it alone, don a mask and hold a social distancing paint party!

Build a Deck

If you’re skilled in the world of construction, do something nice for yourself and your family and build a deck. You can totally transform your yard and there’s no need to be elaborate. Even a simple deck can be used to create a dining area or a place to sunbathe. Best of all, you have plenty of time to come up with just the right plan. 

Use Your Time Wisely

As much as everyone would like things to return to normal, it might be a little bit longer, so this is the time to make the best of your circumstances. Use your extra time wisely and complete some home projects you haven’t had the chance to do until now.