Property managers who are responsible for retail centers and office spaces have faced an entirely unprecedented set of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their commercial tenants are reliant on them to institute proactive measures to help maintain a safe environment. Here are some important ways that building managers can mitigate health risks.

Turn Off Drinking Fountains and Remove Water Coolers From Public Areas

It’s prudent to remove common area water sources. People bring their mouths in close proximity to fountains and could leave germ behinds. Germs transmitted by touch could easily be left on a frequently touched surface such as a water cooler lever. If you need to provide water for anyone in your building, bottled water is a safer interim option.

Limit the Number of People Allowed on an Elevator at Once

Riding in an elevator can be especially worrisome to people who are in a commercial building with a lot of foot traffic. It has been asserted that the virus can linger in the air for a considerable amount of time and overcrowding of small areas may be particularly problematic. Limiting the number of people allowed on an elevator at once can alleviate people’s apprehension about using an elevator. You can also mark areas on the floor where people should stand when they’re in an area.

Get Enhanced Cleaning Services

Your building has to appear exceptionally clean in order for people to have confidence that you’re taking the pandemic seriously and making your building as sanitary as possible. Targeted cleaning efforts that are aimed at eliminating bacteria shows an extraordinary commitment to safety. This type of cleaning goes above and beyond wiping down surfaces and mopping. Professionals use concentrated cleaners to thoroughly treat areas for any type of contaminants. For help with virus decontamination Connecticut, work with a service provider that offers specialized treatment rather than ordinary janitorial services.

Post Your Policies Conspicuously and Appoint Someone to Monitor Enforcement

The front entrance of your building should have bold and easy-to-read signage putting people on notice that they must wear a mask to enter the building. Signs should also be posted in the hallways of common areas and the doors of stairwells. Assign responsibility for enforcement to a staff member onsite or hire a third-party security company to ensure that everyone who enters has a mask on and inform people who aren’t wearing a mask that they can’t come in.