If you’re a creative person, chances are your garage is already teeming with tools and possibilities. To really maximize the effectiveness of your workshop, consider one or more of the following ideas to make take your already great space to one that’s off the charts. 

Mobile Workstations

You never know what kind of workspace you’re going to need in your shop, so open the doors to possibility by turning your existing stationary workbenches into mobile ones. Simply add a rigid caster wheel to each corner of the workbench, and voila: an adaptable workspace, with an affordable price tag.

Inspirational Materials

To keep get your creative juices flowing in your maker space, add elements that inspire you or bring you joy. Perhaps some uplifting framed quotes, books by artists you admire or exciting art will be all you need to maximize your creativity. Other elements to consider are corkboards, large drawing pads, chalkboard walls or whiteboards where you can collect ideas, sketch out a new idea or simply write as the inspiration strikes. Don’t neglect pieces that make the space feel uniquely yours, like family photos, colorful walls or a couple of your favorite plants. 

Adequate Lighting

Lighting might be one of the most important features of any maker space. In addition to setting the tone of a space and impacting your mood, lighting can make or break the quality of your work. For instance, highly detailed work benefits from crisp, bright (but not too bright) lights, while color-centric projects might be best done under natural-tinted “daylight” bulbs that reveal true colors of items. 

Sufficient Equipment

If you frequently find yourself needing to borrow tools from a neighbor or make equipment rentals for the same item over and over again, consider investing in the tool yourself. While the upfront costs might be high, the benefits are numerous. Not only will you save hours that would have been spent carting rentals to and from the store or keeping track of borrowed equipment, but you’ll also be able to use those tools whenever the inspiration strikes. You don’t have to buy the whole tool store right away. Try adding one or two new tools that you’ve been eyeing and evaluating where to go from there. 

By planning for an adaptable workspace, filling it with things that fire you up and ensuring you have the right tools for the job, your creative space can be the envy of the block.