So you’re considering a career as an attorney? That’s great, but did you know there are tons of different specializations available to you? Don’t let the options be overwhelming; instead let them be empowering. You don’t have to be a trial lawyer if you don’t want to! You can focus on whatever best suits your interests. Take a look at some of the common types of attorneys to get a better feel for the options available.

Real Estate Attorneys

Anyone who has ever bought a home has had some form of interaction with a real estate attorney. There are so many legalities involved in a property transfer that attorneys are an incredibly valuable asset, if not a necessity. This career isn’t available to just personal homeowners; a commercial real estate attorney austin tx is responsible for helping with the legal issues surrounding commercial properties. Work as a real estate attorney can be less personal and sometimes more straightforward than in other specialties.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Every now and then people or businesses fall into financial despair and recognize that the only solution is to declare bankruptcy. Attorneys in this specialization seek to help people through this process, through attempting to cancel debts in potential avoidance of actual bankruptcy or by actually representing them as they move forward with the process. This can be a daunting task and could be difficult since many clients are in dire straits. 

Personal Injury Attorneys

Often decried as ambulance chasers, personal injury attorneys can actually serve an incredibly beneficial role. If someone is hurt, either through a workplace injury, car accident, or some other event, they can hire a personal injury attorney to help ensure they are treated and compensated fairly. Work as a personal injury attorney can be rewarding as you help people get set up for success in their life post-injury.

Family Attorney

People who work as family attorneys often assist people in some of their most emotional moments. Family attorneys can help navigate divorces and even delve into the complexities of custody battles. These lawyers need to be capable of conversing and working in situations where emotions are running high, but they can be responsible for ensuring tense times are resolved with as little additional drama as possible.

Attorneys seek to help their clients, whether it be through real estate transactions or more personal issues like bankruptcy, injuries, or divorces. If you carefully think through what type of situation you feel most comfortable dealing with, you are bound to determine what type of law you would enjoy specializing in the most.