Trends in home décor come and go, but natural stone never goes out of style. If you are drawn to the cool, classic elegance of marble, you will be happy to know there are many ways to use this versatile, easy-care stone.


Marble is commonly used for flooring in entrances and bathrooms but it can look great anywhere in your home. Because it is cool to the touch, it is ideal in hot climates. Tough and durable, it will resist scratches and other signs of wear for years. If it does dull over time, a quick marble polishing Manhattan NY can restore its luster.


Kitchen countertops are another excellent use of marble. Bakers will appreciate its cool, smooth surface, perfect for kneading bread dough. White marble is the most popular color for kitchens, as it resists stains and hides etching. If the finish does eventually become compromised, as can happen when acids such as vinegar or lemon juice spill, it can be sanded and polished as needed. Marble can extend up from the counter as a backsplash, or down from a kitchen island to create a stunning waterfall edge.


Just about anything in the bathroom can be made from marble: counters, sinks, showers and tubs. In a bathroom, where you don’t have to worry about acid etching, any color goes. Create a spa feel with shades of green, or use a rosy pink for its calming effect. Mix colors as you like. Use marble tiles to create patterns; checkerboard and herringbone are classics, but any geometric configuration is possible.


Marble can top any size table. A dining room gains instant formality and elegance with a marble dining table. A coffee table with a marble top adds class and style to a living room. Brushed stainless steel legs will give a marble table a contemporary, industrial feel; a wooden base looks natural, warm and traditional. Side tables and nightstands gain a sculptural quality when rendered in marble, often at remarkably reasonable price points. Marble is ideal for outdoor tables; when properly sealed, the stone weathers well and is heavy enough to stay put in wind storms.


Marble accessories, such as candlesticks, planters and table lamps, are affordable ways to incorporate marble into your living spaces. Make your office desktop posh with pen holders and paperweights. In kitchens and bathrooms, try marble trays, canisters and soap pumps. Accessorize your kitchen with marble spice pots, wine racks and cheese boards. The stone is smooth, cool and sophisticated — you will feel as if you are, too.