You love your pickup, but spend enough time on the road, and gas prices will make a huge dent in your budget. Save money by improving your truck’s gas mileage. Here are six tips.

1. Maintain Your Truck

Make sure your tires have sufficient tread and the air is at the right pressure. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how often you should change the oil in your truck and keep your engine clean. If you change the oil yourself, make sure you add the right type of oil. Auto supply stores can look up the right type of oil for your pickup.

If a light on your dash comes on, don’t ignore it. Get your pickup serviced right away for better gas mileage and longer engine life.

2. Install a Fuel Air Separation System

Get more miles with each gallon of gas by installing a FASS fuel air separation system in your pickup truck. You’ll make back the cost of the system through the gas you save. Your engine will burn cleaner and be more responsive.

3. Cut Back on Excess Weight

While pickups are designed to haul things, you shouldn’t be carrying items needlessly. Take a few minutes each day to remove excess baggage you don’t need with you. Store them in your garage or better still, donate them to a thrift store so others can benefit from them.

4. Choose the Proper Gas

Follow the manufacturer’s suggestion as to the right type of fuel for your pickup. If it needs premium gasoline, get the premium, but if the guidelines say to use regular gas, don’t pay extra for the premium. It’ll put unnecessary strain on your engine.

5. Calm Down

Give yourself a few extra minutes to get to your destination. Drive slower and quit riding the bumper of the car in front of you. Road rage can lead to disaster so stay calm. By going slower, not only will you save on gas mileage, but you’ll also lower your blood pressure and enjoy the ride.

Use your cruise control on the highway to travel at a constant speed to cut gas costs.

6. Plan Ahead

Think about the number of errands you have to do, and plan out the most efficient route so that you aren’t backtracking and putting in extra miles. By taking a little extra time and being prepared, you can cut back on your gas usage and save money.