For those unaccustomed to flying, a trip to the airport can feel absolutely overwhelming. With all of the security protocols, long lines and seemingly endless hallways, you may wonder if it would be better to just drive. With a few expert tips, however, you can take advantage of the increased speed of air travel with as little hassle as possible.

1. Find Reliable Transportation

One of the first problems you must address is how you will get to the airport. If your trip is just a couple of days, you may choose to park your car at or near the airport. Bear in mind that this option will add some time to your commute and can be quite costly per day. Alternatively, you could ask a friend to drive you or look into a private bus to Houston Airport. Buses often offer significantly lower fares than taxis as buses can carry several passengers at a time. 

2. Plan To Arrive Early

In some situations, it is acceptable to arrive fashionably late; checking in for a commercial flight is not one of those situations. Once you arrive at the airport, there are still several things that must be done before you board your aircraft. It is important, for example, to give airline workers enough time to get your luggage to your plane if you are checking a bag. Additionally, security lines can sometimes be very long. Plan to arrive at the airport at least two hours early for international flights and more than an hour early for local trips. 

3. Consolidate Your Luggage

As you pack your luggage in preparation for your trip, remember that you are only allowed to bring two items onto the plane with you. Some airlines allow you to check a bag or two at no additional cost. Whether you decide to check a bag or carry all of your things with you, keep in mind that you may have to haul your stuff for quite a distance once you land at the next airport. Consider consolidating the contents of purses and smaller duffle bags into a rolling suitcase. 

4. Be Prepared for Security

One of the most intimidating parts of flying is going through security checkpoints. Consider wearing slip-on shoes and minimizing your jewelry and accessories to make this process go more smoothly. Additionally, be careful to bring only permitted sizes of liquid products. 

Although it requires a lot of planning, flying usually greatly reduces the time it takes to reach your journey’s end. With these tips, you can approach your next flight with expertise and have more time to enjoy at your destination.