Redoing your daughter’s bedroom gives you lots of options for upgrading that young girl’s style to something she can take with her when she leaves the home. Taking into account your daughter’s unique style and personality, there are a variety of styles that can help her make that transition. Here are a few of the most popular options.

Shabby Chic

shabby chic bedroom set features warm and forgiving elements because they appear to already be aged. They are new yet distressed to look older. This vintage-inspired style uses light colors yet bold patterns to energize the space. Work in layers to capitalize on this trendy style. Work in simple alongside luxury for an appealing, practical room.

Art Deco

Rather than a countryside, vintage feel, the style of Art Deco focuses on that of the ‘20s and ‘30s. The design features monochromatic and neutral colors working together alongside woods, clean lines. Linens feature geometric patterns, curves and angular designs. Incorporate mirrors, chrome, wood inlay and glass into various pieces in the room.

Contemporary Design

Like Art Deco, a contemporary style uses geometric shapes in predominantly white, black and grey. Throw in a splash of bolder color such as bright yellow or deep magenta. Focus on solid colors with a pleasant mixture of metallic accents throughout. Choose a low bed and nightstand with a chest of drawers for contrast in furniture height.

Romantic Style

For the romantic dreamer, choose the romantic style. Incorporate silhouettes on throw pillows nestled on a four-poster bed. Opt for soft colors and lighting. Furniture tends to feature ornate designs on white wood. Choose sheer fabrics for curtains on the bed and windows to capture the romantic feel of the space. Contrast the softer colors with plenty of white for greater contrast. Choose colors that match her personality.