Have you always dreamed of having a backyard entertaining paradise that will impress your family, as well as your guests? There’s never been a better time to reconnect with nature and make warm memories in the great outdoors. Here are three backyard upgrades that will elevate your outdoor entertaining options for years to come.

1. Construct an Outdoor Kitchen

Permanently enhance your home’s entertaining potential by adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. When you plan out the layout for your new kitchen, You’ll also need to take into consideration the utility hookups that you’ll need for your new cooking space to function properly. For example, you’ll need to run a gas line to your grill if you choose a gas grill for the space. You’ll also need a dedicated water line and a drain, which expert plumbing companies Geneva IL will be able to do for you. Always check local building codes before you begin construction and you’ll have a functional outdoor kitchen that your family and your guests will love!

2. Add a Pool

There’s no doubt that adding a swimming pool to your backyard will open up a whole new world of outdoor entertaining for your entire family. Installing your own swimming pool is a big project, and you may think that a high price goes with it. You might be surprised to know, though, that above-ground pools are an affordable option, and they’ve improved dramatically in recent years in terms of both quality and appearance. Above-ground pools can now be outfitted with many of the custom options that you see in in-ground models. Be sure to pair your pool with an appropriate pool deck to give you and your guests plenty of poolside lounging space.

3. Create a Fire Pit Area

There’s an undeniable charm and warmth that comes when you gather with your closest companions around a crackling fire. With your own backyard fire pit, you can experience moments like these anytime you desire. You can make your own fire pit or choose a pre-made option from your local hardware store or nursery. Be sure to comply with all local codes – keep in mind that many codes require a clear area around the fire pit for safety and always keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

These great upgrades will help you truly discover your backyard’s true entertainment potential. Follow the tips above and you’ll create a world of outdoor enjoyment that your entire family will enjoy.