« If You Have More than Five Cats, You Are a CRAZY CAT LADY »

Another, slightly hotter crazy cat lady, Halle Berry in Catwoman.

One cat, two cat, three cat, four? Okay, you're fine.

But if you have five cats or more, then you are a crazy cat lady. Even if you were born a dude, you forfeited your masculine privileges when you brought home that fifth cat.

The Russian lady with 130 cats in this video is most definitely a crazy cat lady, times thirty. This video freaked me out. And I've seen horrible things in my youngish life, such as Saved by the Bell: The College Years and, lord, I apologize, Larry the Cable Guy.

In fact, I apologize for even showing you this freaky weird crazy cat lady video. But I felt it was necessary to reach out to society at large and especially to anyone who knows a potential crazy cat lady and, although there's only a slight chance that they could recognize their own craziness, a real, living, breathing crazy cat lady.

The message I want to share is this: Give those freaking cats away! If you are a friend, family member, neighbor, pet shop employee or cat doctor, call the animal cops! Do whatever it takes to save them and, more importantly, you and me and other non-weirdos from having to read about or see this crazy shit! Crazy_Cat_Lady_Simpsons.jpg

Cats are not goldfish. They can and will eat you when you croak, fall asleep before locking the door, or even if you don't give them tasty enough cat food. In 2007 alone, nearly 3,500 crazy cat ladies worldwide were eaten alive by their cats!

Please join this fight to save these crazy cat ladies from themselves...and their cats! And if not for them, do it for the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

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