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Today might just turn out to be a great day. Who knows? The sun is shining, more or less. And I got some food in the fridge and vodka in the freezer.

Then again, today might just suck. And who do I blame? Well, the same person that you should blame for your troubles, wherever, whenever and, hell, whoever they might be.

I BLAME KEVIN BACON. Fabio_Mullet_Crazy_Hair_Male_Model.jpg

Need proof? Just look at Kevin Bacon's hairdo in the above photo. Dudes with mullets would be embarrassed by his lamer locks. Fabio at this very moment is lowering his head in shame.

It's Kevin Bacon's fault, ALL OF IT. So go out today and go crazy-go-nuts! For today you get a free pass for any and all fuckups. 'Cause I'm telling you, and I repeat, it ain't your fault!

Just be sure to remember, when the bouncer at the bar, or the security guy at the mall, or the local po-po ask you what the hell you were thinking, all you need to do is say...


And you're free*. It's that easy. For today only.


*Might not work in your area. Please check with your local authority figures. Also, the folks at will not be held legally liable for any shenanigans inspired by this post, even though it's the right thing to do. Mike Doe takes responsibility for nothing, as is his way.

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